MG Fantasy

Taking Back Dream School

The cordial at Sarah’s new school is drugged. So is the teacher’s tea and coffee.
Each night, students and staff of Rosedale Academy dream themselves to Dream School. At first, its a paradise of adventure: flight with fairies and treasure hunting with pirates. But for Sarah, Dream School includes haunting memories of her late best friend, which she flees in fear.

Sarah and friends realise Rosedale Academy and Dream-School’s mysterious snoop (whom they dub ‘Madam Spy’) is behind the drug. She’s testing it as a tool to brainwash students and staff, before using it to cheat her way into day-time government. But when Sarah and friends stage a rebellion, Madam Spy retaliates by imprisoning everyone in Dream School, nightly.

To free the dreamers and sabotage the drug trial, Sarah and friends recruit a T-rex with toileting issues, set bubble gum traps and probe the limits of the Dreamscape in search of allies. But a head to head battle of imaginations with Madam Spy requires all of Sarah’s imagination, which she cannot wield, until she faces her loss.

Taking Back Dream School is seeking a literary agent and or publisher.

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