Picture Books

The Best Team Ever

When Penny meets her raft building team, she extends a shaking hand to its members, nervous of how they will receive her only two digits. But when her team build their raft, she finds that Jamie talks with her hands, Tony doesn’t talk at all and Sam talks too much. 

Their differences aren’t a problem, and with Tony’s great planning, and Sam’s over-enthusiastic rowing, they hope to win a race across the river.
But when navigation problems arise, it turns out rapids are a problem. It will take Sarah’s quick thinking and a lot of teamwork to save everyone.

Learning to Smile Again

The hole in Aaron’s heart♥ is the shape of his late big brother. He tries everything to escape its shadow, shutting himself in his room with one failed distraction after another.

Until Gran’s mischievous kitten wanders into his bedroom, his life and his heart. When Aaron commits to keeping Gran’s kitten safe, he must follow it everywhere, facing his loss & noticing the people who still reside in his heart .

The THING in the Ceiling

Julie huddles under her bedcovers. Something scritches. Something scratches.

What’s that THING in her ceiling? Is it trying to get out?

When the THING wakes and makes noise every night, Sarah decides the only way to stop being scared is to meet the THING IN HER CEILING.

She’ll have to climb the tree beside her house for a view of the roof –after dark. Sarah swears she ISN’T scared!

My picture books are seeking literary agents and or publishers.

Kitten photo by: Andriyko Podilnyk. Tiled roof photo by: Simon Maage. Raft photo by Chastagner Thierry
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